The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Finale Leaves MCU With a New Legacy

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Finale Leaves MCU With a New Legacy

(This submit incorporates spoilers for the sixth and last episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.)

The in style Marvel Cinematic Universe Part 4 present, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, ended after 6 critically acclaimed episodes. The final episode, which was titled One World One Individuals, confirmed Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes struggle The Flag Smashers, a group of violent revolutionaries with tremendous energy who kidnapped the world’s strongest politicians and tried to kill them off. Their motivation, as defined all through the season, was to cease a essential vote which displaced tens of millions of refugees from their houses throughout the blip.

The last episode additionally unveils Sam as Captain America for the first time. With the assist of a new swimsuit made by the Wakandans, Sam wields the Captain America vibranium protect whereas additionally flying with the assist of Falcon wings made out of the steel. Whereas Bucky tries to cease the group of Flag Smashers which have kidnapped a number of politicians on the floor, Sam tries to cease helicopters carrying the hostages. John Walker, who additionally needs revenge from Flag Smashers chief Karli Morgenthau for killing his companion Lemar, joins the fights.

To distract Bucky, the group lights up a truck with politicians nonetheless inside. Bucky then makes use of his vibranium arm to save lots of them in the nick of time. On the different hand, Sam communicates with a kidnapped politician and asks her to take management over the helicopter. He then tackles the member of Flag Smashers, whereas the politicians stops the helicopter from crashing. On the different hand, whereas John is combating Karli, his redemption second comes when he stops a jeep stuffed with hostages from falling off from a peak.

After John is distracted from his efforts by a Flag Smashers member, Sam saves the jeep along with his vibranium protect and wings. This was considered one of the most necessary motion scenes in the finale because it confirmed that Sam as succesful as the different heroes, even with out super-strength.

Then, the present reveals considered one of its greatest twists, it’s revealed that Sharon Carter is definitely the Energy Dealer, who gave the Flag Smashers the super-serum. She confronts Karli for ‘betraying’ her and breaking away from her management. Karli then shoots Sharon, and fights with Sam. Regardless of attempting to purpose together with her, Karli makes an attempt to shoot Sam, however is then killed by Sharon.

The most necessary scene in the present comes when Sam carries Karli to security. The politicians then thank Sam for saving their lives from the ‘terrorists.’ Sam then urges the politicians to empathise with tens of millions of refugees they may have an effect on. Telling them to make use of the energy properly, Sam says that in any other case there is no such thing as a distinction between them and a mad god like Thanos. When the politicians tried to argue that he doesn’t perceive the plight of the individuals concerned he mentioned, “I’m a Black man carrying the stars and stripes, what don’t I perceive.”

He added that he knew that there will be millions who will hate him for taking up the Captain America mantle. He said that he didn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes or even super strength, but he will do his job because he believes that the society can do better. This solidified Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson as the new Captain America.

Sam could also be seen visiting Isiah Bradley, the super-soldier who was unfairly punished for his race. He then took them to the Smothsonian museum, where a portion is dedicated to Steve Rogers and unvieled a statue of Bradley, so that nobody forgets what he did for the country.

Bucky also makes amends with Mr Yori, whose son was killed by the Winter Soldier. He gifts his and Steve’s notebook to his therapist, revealing that he has made amends with everyone on the list. At the end, we see Sam and Bucky having a reunion at his hometown in Baltimore with Sam’s family and community.

The show’s end sets up around three possibilities for the future of the MCU. First, right before the credits role we see Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine give John Walker a Black Uniform and a new identity as superherp US Agent. This shows that Wyatt Russell will be a part of future MCU projects as the US Agent, an anti-hero in the comics.

During the credits, we find out that the show will be now called Captain America and the Winter Soldier, a title close to the 2014 film Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This either means that the show is coming back for season 2 or there will be a feature film dedicated to the two characters, especially with focus on Mackie’s Captain America.

Thirdly, during the mid-credit scene, we see Sharon Carter getting pardoned by the US government for her role in Civil War (2016). She is then asked to rejoin her old job as an intelligence officer. She is called Agent Carter, a name used synonymously with her aunt Peggy Carter. However, since Sharon is now a villain in the form of the Power Broker, she can be heard telling her associate that she now has access to every classified government secret. This also means Emily Vancamp will return in future projects and will play a villain in them.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, now Captain America and the Winter Soldier has left the MCU with a powerful new legacy. After years of being seen as an exclusive white and male-centric franchise, the Studio has embraced change by making a Black man the new Captain America. The show did not shy away from talking about the injustices faced by People of Colour, especially Black people in America, which is monumental given how there is a scope of pushback from the more conservative parts of the world.

Of course, the show rides on the coattales of Black Panther. However, the protagonist did not face racial politics, the antagonist Killmonger did. The Black Panther came from a kingdom where his Black-ness was celebrated. What TFATWS does is tell you that a Black man can be an Avenger and fight Thanos twice, but will still be treated as a second-class citizen by the racist majority.

This stance taken by Marvel will also be detrimental to the future of the other projects with POC superheroes. Simu Liu, who will be seen as the first Asian superhero in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has praised the finale on his social media. Kumail Nanjiani in the Eternals, Iman Vellani as Miss Marvel and Don Cheadle in Armor Wars will also carry on the show’s legacy. Letitia Wright will also reportedly take on the throne of the Black Panther. That is just the beginning though, with many characters like Monica Rambeu, Ironheart, Blade, America Chavez getting big-ticket projects. The Young Avengers, which will also reportedly include TFATWS’ Joaquin Torres as the new Falcon will also consist of more POC characters.

It has also been widely reported that Captain America 4 with Anthony Mackie in the lead is in the works. If that is true, it will be interesting to see how it will fare and the changes it will bring to the franchise.

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