SBI debited Rs 118 – 2 times under COMM – OTHER MISC SERVICES

SBI debited Rs 118 – 2 times under COMM – OTHER MISC SERVICES

Have you been charged RS. 118 , 2 times from you SBI bank account? Read this article to find out why.

There can be various reasons why State Bank of India (SBI) can charge Rs. 118 from your bank account without providing much details.

The most common reason user are charged Rs. 118 are as follows:

  1. ATM card/ kit returned by courier due to wrong address: Did you recently apply for a SBI ATM card, checkbook or passbook and gave a wrong address by mistake. If so, then that’s why you have been charged Rs. 118 from your Bank account. (Penalty of providing wrong address while applying for ATM card / check book / passbook from SBI is Rs. 100 + 18% GST = Rs. 118)
  2. Pass Book issuance charges: Now SBI charges Rs. 118 whenever you issue a new passbook.

Some other reasons why may you have been charged buy SBI:

  1. Internet Banking charges: If you use any online banking services provided by SBI, like YONO. You will be charged an annual maintenance fee.
  2. Card Issuance charges: If you issue a Foreign Travel card you will be charges Rs. 100 +18% GST.

To find out more about why you have been charged by SBI, head to this website: Revised Service Charges – Personal Banking (

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