Ma Anand Sheela on new Netflix documentary Searching for Sheela: ‘You can’t expect anything, I will be only me’

Ma Anand Sheela on new Netflix documentary Searching for Sheela: ‘You can’t expect anything, I will be only me’

Ever for the reason that launch of the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Nation, folks have been inquisitive about Ma Anand Sheela, her life and her narrative. Within the upcoming Shakun Batra documentary referred to as Searching for Sheela, the makers have tried to carry a sure rootedness to the cult of Ma Anand Sheela. A controversial determine of historical past, Ma Anand Sheela lately spoke to the Movie Companion about what one can expect from the new Netflix documentary.

“What you can expect from me? You can’t expect anything from me. I will be only me. So if you are expecting me to be something else, you have lost,” Sheela said as she answered a query concerning the potential viewers expertise whereas watching Searching for Sheela.

Ma Anand Sheela said that the Netflix crew had her full and undivided consideration in addition to free entry to her self, her house etcetera. “The team has been with me for more than 25 days. I never say no so they have been tagging along everywhere I go. I arrived in Delhi and since my arrival, the cameras have been following me. We did a few events there, one with Karan Johar, we went to the literature festival in Dehradun, did an event with Barkha Dutt, went to Poona, did a closed-door event there, came to Bombay, then went back to Delhi, then went to Baroda, back to Delhi, then Bombay again,” stated Sheela.

Director Shakun Batra, who’s executive-producing the documentary, stated that opposite to in style opinion, Searching for Sheela was made not as a result of one other Netflix doc concerning the Osho expertise was a runaway hit. “You’re exploring society, you’re exploring her (Ma Anand Sheela) as a pop-culture phenomenon, and then the layers get deeper and more interesting and that’s why this homecoming project is important. It’s not, ‘Oh let’s get further because Wild Wild Country was a hit.’ No, let’s see who we are as much as we want to know who she is,” concluded Shakun Batra.

Searching for Sheela will premiere on Netflix on April 22.

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