Is US Agent a Villain? ‘Falcon and Winter Solider’ Finale Explained

Is US Agent a Villain? ‘Falcon and Winter Solider’ Finale Explained

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has wrapped up its run and it lastly delivered the second we’ve all been ready for! After a lengthy wait, we bought to see a character assume the id they had been destined to undertake and swimsuit up in a comic-accurate getup. The finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier included the debut of [drumroll] John Walker as U.S. Agent! Oh, and additionally Sam Wilson grew to become Captain America.

Okay, clearly the latter outfit change is the way in which extra monumental and essential and anticipated character evolution. Clearly! In no world does John Walker getting a well-deserved demotion outdo Falcon placing on the celebs and stripes.

However since we noticed Falcon in motion as the brand new Captain America for all the episode and bought a fairly good thought of how he’s going to run issues (this Cap fights along with his ideas and phrases earlier than his fists!), you most likely have a lot of questions on what the hell’s occurring with the hero (?) previously often known as De-Capitation America. John Walker has a new outfit, a new boss, a new identify, and a new (nonetheless unrevealed) job. So… who’s U.S. Agent?

Falcon Winter Soldier finale - Wyatt Russell as John Walker as US Agent
Photograph: Disney+

Who’s US Agent within the MCU?

He’s John Walker, performed by Wyatt Russell. Keep in mind? He was Captain America for a couple of episodes of this present earlier than his rage points bought the higher of him? Final week, we noticed John Walker be stripped of his duties as Captain America for that very public, very bloody outburst in Latvia. Not solely that, he additionally had all of his advantages as a veteran taken away. After which he met Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). She supplied him a mysterious gig that’s, fairly frankly, nonetheless mysterious.

Within the finale episode, we see Walker’s quest for vengeance in opposition to Karli for murdering his accomplice Battlestar. We then see him select to save lots of a complete bunch of endangered politicians from sure dying as a substitute of pursuing that vengeance to its actually gory finish. Child steps down the trail of quasi-redemption! And Captain America and Winter Soldier don’t attempt to expel Walker from the combat as a result of, like, they may use the muscle and they’re already preventing sufficient folks?

Falcon Winter Soldier finale - US Agent and Valentina Allegra de Fontaine
Photograph: Disney+

Anyway—on the finish of the episode, we see the Contessa Valentina once more, with Walker’s spouse. They’re ready for Walker to point out off a new outfit—which seems to be his Captain America uniform, however in black and with no white “A” or star. It’s the U.S. Agent look from the comics. And that’s the identify that Val provides him, form of offhandedly like she’s improvising it on the fly. As she says, issues are about to get “weird” and they’re gonna want a U.S. Agent. Who’s “they” and what are the “things” which can be gonna get “weird”? We are going to presumably discover out someday!

Who’s US Agent within the comics?

He’s John Walker and, TBH, that is similar to the trajectory the character took within the comics. Within the comics, the homicide of John Walker’s dad and mom despatched the fill-in Captain America into a violent rage. He grew to become uncontrollable and used deadly power in opposition to anybody the federal government despatched him after. The one solution to rehabilitate his picture was to reinstall Steve Rogers as the Captain America—and stage an assassination to make everybody, even most individuals within the authorities, assume that Walker was lifeless.

page from Captain America #354 featuring US Agent
Captain America #354 (1989) by Kieron Dwyer (artist), Al Milgrom (inker), Bob Sharen (colorist), Mark Gruenwald (author), Jack Morelli (letterer)Photograph: Marvel Comics

He stealthily returned not too lengthy after his “death,” sporting this black swimsuit and going by the identify U.S. Agent. Oh—and within the comics, the black swimsuit was initially worn by Steve Rogers whereas John Walker was serving his (temporary) tenure as Cap.

Is US Agent a villain within the comics?

No. Is he an asshole? Sure. However he’s not a villain. He’s no Sharon Carter, let’s simply say that!!! [Insert eye roll]

Within the comics, U.S. Agent is nearly instantly given a spot on the Avengers as quickly as he exhibits up—albeit he’s assigned to the West Coast Avengers. Granted, U.S. Agent was very a lot not welcome on the WCA. The workforce was populated with Steve Rogers’ oldest buds (Hawkeye, Hank Pym, Wasp, Scarlet Witch) and they very a lot gave a rattling about Walker’s dangerous status. However they begrudgingly accepted him as a member, and he stayed with them for the remainder of the sequence’ run (nearly 60 points!).

Page from West Coast Avengers with Scarlet Witch, US Agent, and Vision
West Coast Avengers #45 (1989) by John ByrnePhotograph: Marvel Comics

Nonetheless, even whereas he was working round with all of the heroes, he by no means misplaced his edge. He’s all the time indignant, he’s all the time cussed, he’s all the time essentially the most set in his methods of any workforce he’s on. However he tends to all the time do the heroic factor of saving the metaphorical truck filled with politicians from sure dying somewhat than chasing his personal egocentric revenge.

Is US Agent a villain within the MCU?

Almost definitely no? We don’t know why Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine wants a tremendous soldier on her payroll, however the causes could also be respectable at greatest and bizarre at worst. The probably idea, contemplating the re-introduction of the Raft, is that she’s hiring John Walker to behave as warden/captain/chaperone for a workforce of tremendous villains changed into authorities black ops brokers often known as the Thunderbolts. Sure, they’re Marvel’s reply to the Suicide Squad. Within the comics, Walker bought a gig because the warden on the Raft, particularly assigned to look at over the members of the Thunderbolts. So all of the items of a puzzle are right here (Walker, the Raft, Zemo, issues getting “weird”), we simply don’t know in the event that they’re from the identical puzzle and in the event that they’ll match collectively.

However figuring out Marvel, we might get a solution within the type of a new TV sequence or movie announcement sooner or later.

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